Monday, May 28, 2007

Lost In Translation

You know how David Hasselhoff is big in Germany, but in America he's just one of the people we keep around, waiting for him to be filmed eating hamburgers off of the floor?

Its a similar thing with Ken Watanabe. American audiences love him. But in Japan, he's mostly just fodder for talk show hosts and internet jokes.


I just made that up. But feel free to pass it on to your friends next time there's a lull in conversation...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

We don't want a war. yea. check.

Sometimes, people make a war, don't know what its for. (business)

In a continuation of Crack Bang's weeklong dedication to promoting peace through art, we present you with Speak, the Hungarian Rapper.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Give Peace a Chance

A glimmer of hope in this cruel, crazy world we live in.

Today, The Simple Life. Tomorrow... the middle east?

I believe.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Phil Collins: Real

When it was time to make a video to help promote his latest singles, Phil Collins didn't mess around. Phil Collins went big.

How big?

Oh, how about hiring famous comedian GILBERT GODFRIED? That big. And, oh, how about adding former Miss America VANESSA WILLIAMS?

Yeah. That's right. But that's not all.

How about, oh, say, adding the most famous professional wrestler at the moment (in 1989ish) THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR?

Yeah, Phil Collins didn't mess around. He was an artist, he was an entertainer, and he was a genius.

It was moments like that, that led to moments like this. Phil Collins cashing in on his street cred. Check him out here standing around, looking like a bad MF, while Bone Thugs n Harmony drop melodic rhymes over a classic Collins beat.

I say we take all those Chuck Norris jokes and replace them with Phil Collins jokes. Man earned it.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

American Gladiator, where are you now?

They don't make men like Malibu anymore.

No, no. Malibu is a man of the past. A man of 1990.
In 2007, the closest we get to Malibu is Dog the Bounty Hunter.
And comparing Malibu to Dog the Bounty Hunter is like comparing Spicoli to Ted Nugent.
Or comparing The Juice Crew to Dipset.
Or comparing Surge to Rockstar Energy Drink.

Uh, What?

Monday, April 16, 2007

Dear Sister: Va. Tech Remix

Ok, the title is misleading. I'm a misleader.

Last Saturday night, SNL featured a pretty funny "digital short" featuring surreal/dark humor and poked fun at the OC and the ubiquitous use of Imogen Heap.

Here's the scene from the OC that is referenced:

Here's SNL's "Dear Sister" (not sure if that's the actual name of the skit:)

(this video isnt an official NBC youtube video, and could possibly be a dead link by the time you're reading this.)

Well, this was pretty funny Saturday night. But NBC has taken it down from their youtube site, presumably due to the events that occured at Virgina Tech on Monday morning.

Which brings up these questions:

Q. If this was funny Saturday, why isn't it funny today?

Q. Did people die from gun violence on Friday?

Q. How many people must die during one event to make it a national tragedy? 3? 5? 12? 32? 5000?

Q. How many news stories does it take to make an individual feel personally effected by another people's tragedy?

Q. How long will it take for a short film featuring absurdist humor about gun violence to be popularly (as opposed to privately, among friends) funny again?

Q. Did Imogen Heap spontaneously play 32 times today at Va Tech?

Q. Is it just me, or does the real life massacre actually add more absurdity to the film, which, in part, was mocking the manufactured sentimentality of pop music?